T-Bone steak in a cast iron pan, with thyme garlic and butter
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Slowly Cook Steak In A Butter Bath For A Decadent Meal
Steak and butter have always worked well together, and perhaps the most ultimate form of this union involves slow-cooking your steak in a cauldron of melted butter. If you’re willing to be patient, and can get over the shock of submerging a giant piece of meat in what seems like an unholy amount of butter, you'll be rewarded.
This method is like a braise plus sous vide, without the need for a plastic bag. You'll submerge the meat in a pot of melted butter and keep it at a low, consistent temp below 122 degrees F so it’s just warm enough to cook the meat, and leave your steak in it for 40 to 50 minutes or until its internal temperature reads 120 degrees F.
After this long process, you’ll need to give your steak a nice crust by searing it in a pan over high heat (or under a broiler) for a mere 45 seconds to one minute. The butter will bring a savory, mildly sweet, even more fatty flavor to your rich steak, and you can also incorporate other flavors like garlic or rosemary.