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Skip This Ingredient For A Unique Twist On Trader Joe's Vanilla Cake
Trader Joe's beloved store-brand Vanilla Cake and Baking Mix helps home bakers whip up a soft, moist vanilla cake that can be eaten as-is or used as a base for cupcakes, tres leches cakes, and more. For a more low-effort (but still delicious) way to transform this cake mix, all you need to do is leave out a certain ingredient.
The package for TJ's cake mix calls for eggs, milk, and melted butter to be added, and you might feel skeptical about leaving out any of these ingredients. However, TJ's employee Cynthia told Inside Trader Joe's — the grocery chain's podcast — that customers can skip the milk to create a dense, moist cake with a brownie-like texture.
To try this trick for yourself, simply follow the recipe listed on your Vanilla Cake and Baking Mix package, but don't add any milk to the batter. Cynthia says that final result makes a great base for strawberry shortcake, and Food Is a Four Letter Word even uses the mix in their own milk-free Gooey Butter Cake recipe.