two classic s'mores
Skip A Step For The Most Lavish S'mores Of Your Life
To give s’mores a fancier and more luxurious feel, don’t buy a chocolate bar at all. Instead, swap the graham crackers for a cookie that already has the chocolate factored in.
Specifically, you want to look for the type of cookies that are buttery shortbread on one side and chocolate on the other. This way, the warm marshmallow will melt the chocolate.
Cookies that have meltable chocolate in them include those from Petit Ecolier, Bauducco Choco Biscuits, or even Keebler Fudge Stripes, though the latter may be a little messier.
Simply toast your marshmallow like always and layer it between two chocolate-coated cookies with the chocolate side facing inward.
By using cookies, you won’t have to worry about stacking like you would with a typical s’more. It will also provide your s’more with a slightly different flavor and texture.