Homemade Sugar Simple Syrup in a Bottle
Simple Syrup Vs Agave Nectar: Which Is Best For Your Cocktail?
While many traditional cocktails use simple syrup in their recipes, a popular alternative is agave nectar. While both provide a sweet flavor, they aren’t interchangeable.
The main difference between the two is flavor. Simple syrup has a mild flavor and blends with almost anything, while agave gives a more noticeable caramel-like, heavy taste.
Some may find agave’s heavier flavor too much with certain liquors, but both blend easily into a chilled drink. Which flavor is better ultimately comes down to opinion.
Another significant difference to consider is health. Agave nectar is lower on the glycemic index and has a lower calorie count than sugar-based simple syrup.
However, agave nectar is more concentrated and sweeter than simple syrup, so make sure to reduce the amount you put in your cocktails.