Homemade freshness baby potato with green beans capers and vegan green pesto sauce
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Sicilian Potato Salad Puts A Zesty Spin On The Classic Dish
No matter where you come from, there's a good chance you've dug into a bowl of potato salad before. Every country had its own, but perhaps because this one is known for its pizza and pasta, many could forget that they had an exceptional and distinctive potato salad recipe.
Potatoes and string beans serve as the foundation of the Sicilian potato salad. Then, quality olive oil, black olives, fresh cherry tomatoes, capers, red onion, lemon zest, oregano, and tangy white wine vinegar are combined with the potatoes and string beans.
Celebrity chef and Emmy award-winning television personality Giada De Laurentiis says, "This Sicilian dish is meant to be enjoyed in summer when the days are warm but the nights are cool enough to boil some potatoes and green beans."