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Should You Refrigerate Dried Fruit?
Dried fruit is full of concentrated amounts of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, but the most obvious advantage of this product is its long shelf life. The dehydration process creates a snack that lasts for a long time and takes up less space than fresh fruit, but your dried fruit still needs to be stored properly.
CNET notes that most dried fruit keeps well in the pantry, but if you have extra space in your fridge, you may wonder if you can store your dried berries and more in colder temperatures. The outlet clarifies that not only can you refrigerate dried fruit, but you should do so if you want it to last even longer than normal.
Per Eat Right, dried fruit lasts for about six months in the fridge, and after seven months or more, your fruit may start to go bad. The one place where you shouldn't store dried fruit is the freezer; this is not unsafe to do, but the USDA points out that fried fruit only lasts for one month at freezing temperatures.