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Should You Ever Refrigerate Peanut Butter?
So you just purchased a beautiful jar of natural peanut butter, and you stirred in the oils floating on the top until you finally achieved the perfect texture — but how do you keep your PB at its freshest and least high-maintenance? If you're torn between placing it in the fridge or in the cupboard, we have the answers you’re looking for.
The difference between natural peanut butter and more traditional brands plays a big role in proper storage. Natural peanut butter can be kept on a dry pantry shelf for the better part of a month, but it will turn dense if you put it in the fridge, and should only be refrigerated if you eat slowly and need to preserve it for over a month.
More traditional (and processed) peanut butters contain palm and hydrogenated oils, and can sit in the pantry for about three months; again, you can move your jar to the fridge if you must. All-natural PB is unrefined and the oils can go bad quickly; as with any ingredient, if you smell anything funky or notice discoloration, throw it out.