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Should You Eat The Skin On Salmon?
Not everyone is a fan of salmon skin, but it turns out it is healthy and delicious. Salmon skin not only acts as a heat shield, leading to a more evenly cooked salmon with better texture but also prevents too much of the white albumin, a coagulated protein, from leaking out as the salmon cooks.
Salmon skin contains the highest concentration of omega-3s in the entire fish, and cooking salmon with the skin on helps retain oils and nutrients that would otherwise be lost. According to Medical News Today, salmon skin also offers antioxidant benefits and may help treat type-2 diabetes.
Just like with any other seafood, there is a fear of contamination, and it’s good to know that Atlantic farmed salmon is generally considered the most contaminated, while wild Pacific salmon is regarded as the least. When in doubt, it may be best to skip the skin, especially for those in a sensitive group like pregnant women and young children, warns Healthline.