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Should You Cover Bread Pudding When Baking?
Bread pudding is a uniquely delicious dish made by soaking stale pieces of bread in custard and baking until soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Some bakers like to use very dry bread in bread pudding, since it soaks up more moisture, but one step where you don't want any dryness whatsoever is during the baking process.
Bread pudding should have the texture and flavor of a creamy pudding on the inside, with a crispy, contrasting crust on the outside, but this balancing act can be tough to achieve. Before the inside of your pudding is set, the outer layer can become burnt and dry, which is why covering bread pudding during baking is the best move.
Cover your pudding with aluminum foil before it goes into the oven, which will protect the top from burning, and remove the foil 15 minutes before the baking time is up for a crispy finish. The foil helps the pudding retain moisture and keeps the bread from drying out, helping you avoid a final texture that is as stale as the bread was to begin with.