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Should Chocolate Chips Be Stored In The Freezer?
Chocolate chips are a classic way to add sweetness to any treat, but many cooks have different opinions on how to store them. An article from the Pioneer Woman claims that it’s best to keep your chocolate morsels at room temperature, while some chefs prefer to freeze their chocolate chips — this is the real answer as to which method is best.
According to Still Tasty, keeping your chocolate chips in the freezer is the most effective way to store them, but only if your freezer goes down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. At this very low temperature, chocolate chips will never risk going bad, but if your freezer is any warmer than that, it won't extend the morsels' shelf life by a lot.
If your freezer is cold enough, make sure to freeze the chips in airtight bags, and let them fully thaw by leaving them out at room temperature before using. Nestlé Toll House notes that if you try to defrost chocolate chips too fast, via applying heat or another method, the moisture in the chips will rise and give them an unappealing white cast.