Beef Wellington
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Shooter's Sandwiches Are A Portable Take On Beef Wellington
The UK’s beef Wellington is a luxurious dish made of beef tenderloin and minced mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry, but for a portable take on the meal, try a shooter’s sandwich.
Like a beef Wellington, a shooter’s sandwich features beef, mushroom filling, and a crusty exterior, but swaps the tenderloin for ribeye steak and the puff pastry for bread.
The sandwich was created in the Edwardian era by a chef who was asked to make a portable lunch for his employer’s hunting excursion, hence the name “shooter’s”.
While the sandwich always has meat, bread, and a mushroom filling, additional toppings like mustard, horseradish, and other seasonings or condiments are popular.
To make the sandwich, start by creating your mushroom filling by finely chopping mushrooms and shallots and sautéing them until brown and crispy.
Cut off the top off a hearty loaf of bread, remove the fluffy inside, and begin assembling by layering the mushrooms, the cooked steak, and condiments until you fill the bread.
Replace the bread’s “lid,” wrap your sandwich, and use a sheet pan and heavy object to flatten it overnight. The next morning, unwrap, slice, and enjoy your pressed sandwich.