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Shark Tank's Safe Catch Canned Tuna Is Now On Store Shelves
On Season 8 of “Shark Tank,” Sean Wittenberg and Bryan Boches brought their Safe Catch canned tuna to the Sharks, but the founders left the show without a deal. Fortunately for Safe Catch, they eventually received funding from angel investors and an endorsement from Nick Jonas, and have since become quite successful.
Safe Catch uses unique mercury testing technology and boasts the lowest mercury content limits of any commercially available tuna brand, making it a safer choice for pregnant people and children. It is non-GMO, additive-free, gluten-free, certified kosher, and it is Marine Stewardship Council-certified, showing the brand's commitment to sustainability.
The brand’s website states that its sustainably sourced seafood preserves the integrity of lakes, oceans, and rivers, where they use catch methods designed to protect the ecosystems, allowing populations to continue thriving for future harvests. Every single fish caught by Safe Catch is tested for its mercury levels, with limitations that are stricter than FDA standards.
In 2017, Safe Catch partnered with Kroger to bring its products to the retailer's shelves, and have now partnered with Walmart to sell their products in over 1,5000 Walmart stores nationwide. Customers can now purchase the Elite Wild Tuna, Wild Albacore Tuna, and Wild Pacific Pink Salmon varieties in-store or online through the Walmart website.