Sfeeha served on a plate
Sfeeha Is The Lebanese Pie That Meat Lovers Should Try
In Lebanon, you'll find countless bakeries that locals flock to for their morning meat pie, or sfeeha. This savory pastry is sure to satisfy your cravings for a rich, meaty snack.
In traditional Lebanese bakeries, sfeeha are made in the shape of a square with the corners pinched up to resemble a star, with an open top that the filling peeks through.
The pies are cooked on a saaj, an appliance that resembles an open-faced grill with a dome on top. Sfeeha can also be closed like an empanada, or open-faced like a pumpkin pie.
Sfeeha are traditionally filled with lamb, but beef is sometimes used alongside lamb or in its place. Many recipes will also include onion and diced tomato or tomato paste.
For a thicker consistency, tahini or yogurt can be added to the filling, or pine nuts for texture. A Middle Eastern spice blend called za'atar is almost always included.
Though it's most often served as a main dish, sfeeha is also included in mezze platters, small plates of dishes that are enjoyed together as an appetizer or light meal.