Twelve mini buttercream cupcakes
Several Drops Of Boiling Water Makes All The Difference In Buttercream
Buttercream with a consistency perfect for even frosting can be hard to achieve. It can tear your freshly baked cakes if it’s too thick, and drip off the sides if it’s too thin.
To avoid these problems, add some boiling water to your buttercream. Add a few drops to start and up to a teaspoon or two to loosen the frosting and make it smoother and silkier.
A pinch of water will make your buttercream easier to spread, but too much of it can cause the frosting to separate, as the butter and sugar are sensitive to temperature changes.
Temperatures that are too warm make buttercream runny, oily, gritty, and even curdled, while cold makes it hard. The idea is to use boiling water to get the temp in the middle.
Hot water delicately adjusts buttercream's temperature, yielding a Goldilocks consistency that's just right. Just remember to add the water slowly and sparingly.