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Seaweed Is The Underrated Superfood You Should Be Eating More Of
Seaweed isn’t something you see often on American shelves, but that seems to be changing now this vegetable has become somewhat of a "superfood." Algae that grows in the ocean has been used for both culinary and health purposes for thousands of years, but edible seaweed is now becoming more accessible due to its nutritional benefits.
From a nutrition standpoint, seaweed is a powerhouse: it is high in fiber, abundant with vitamins such as A, D, and B12, and notably higher in minerals than most land vegetables. Many varieties of seaweed also have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, while others contain anti-cancer nutrients and Omega-3 EPA.
From a sustainability standpoint, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that seaweed has a place in regenerative agriculture. It aids in reducing harmful ocean acidification, provides shelter for marine life, and absorbs carbon and nitrogen, which contribute to climate change; active cultivation of seaweed could have benefits for the planet.