Sliced corned beef on a plate
Seasoning Is The Key To The Best Canned Corned Beef
The beef in canned corn beef is cured with salt and flavored with pepper, sugar, and sodium glutamate. A handful of ingredients and flavoring agents can help balance the saltiness.
Since canned corned beef already turns out well with just a quick saute, squeezing some lemon juice on it before serving is a no-fail flavoring tactic.
Additionally, cook it with some of the can's umami-rich liquid, or chop garlic and onions and saute them to infuse the cooking oil with their flavor before adding the beef.
The garlic and onions add a light sweetness and crunch to the dish. Let the meat cook until the gelatinous fat in it melts and gets reabsorbed into the beef.
You can also use chili powder or hot sauce to give the meat heat, but make sure to add either ingredient with a light hand and taste as you season.