A creamy potato salad
Season Spuds Twice When Making Potato Salad For Better Flavors
Knowing how to properly combine ingredients can have a big impact on potato salad, which is why we always recommend seasoning spuds in dressing not once, but twice.
An effective way to diffuse flavor is to prime potatoes with a light, bright, and zesty vinaigrette before following up with a layer of creamy dressing.
Coating potatoes twice increases the salad’s overall complexity by imparting a sizeable degree of depth. This method can keep a recipe balanced, especially between two dressings.
It’s essential to toss warm potatoes in an acidic dressing. Let the potatoes rest briefly before dressing them for a second time, which allows the dressing to seep into the spuds.
For the second round of dressing, add mix-ins like onions, chili crisp, or other ingredients. Coat the salad in a creamy dressing or vinaigrette before placing it in a fridge.