Homemade Southern Crawfish Boil with Potatoes Sausage and Corn
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Seafood Boils Are Messier Than You Might Expect
Part of what makes a seafood boil unique is that it’s meant to be enjoyed by lots of people with no individual dishes or utensils. While it's a delicious and fun experience, taking part in a boil is not the neatest activity, and this is how to save yourself from looking a complete mess, even if you are chowing down with your bare hands.
To prepare for a seafood boil, try wearing dark clothes and pulling your hair back before you dig in — you can also make yourself a bib using a plastic bag or paper towels. Remember that all of the ingredients will likely be covered in bright orange, spicy seafood seasoning, so don’t rub your eyes!
Though you will get corn in your teeth and make lots of noise, you won’t be alone since everyone else will also be cracking, crunching, and slurping around the table. When you’ve eaten your fill, your face, hands, and nails will be caked in residue, but the taste and spirit of a seafood boil is worth all the mess.