Fresh scallops in shells with salt crystals
Sea Scallops Are The Perfect Variety For Searing
With a plumper and thicker texture than bay scallops, sea scallops are perfect for searing over high heat. You don’t need to be a master chef to make this delicious seafood dinner.
Served with lemon juice, fresh herbs, and seasonings, sea scallops can be a Michelin-starred quality meal. These large, meaty scallops can stand up to a ripping hot pan.
Small, sweet bay scallops have their place, but can dry out before they form a nice seared exterior. "Dry" sea scallops, as opposed to "wet" ones, are the ones to buy.
"Dry" scallops don't have any added chemicals or injected moisture, giving them a better flavor. Once you've got good-quality sea scallops, pat them dry and season generously.
Place the scallops in a very hot pan with oil or butter and cook each side for two minutes. Serve with fresh herbs, lemon, and crusty French bread to sop up any leftover sauce.