cullen skink, traditional scottish soup made of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions
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Scotland's Cullen Skink Is The Comforting Dish You Need This Winter
Scotland's Cullen skink may have an odd name, but this hearty seafood soup is popular not only in its home country, but throughout the United Kingdom. Fans of seafood chowder or any kind of fish stew are sure to enjoy this comforting classic made of potatoes, smoked haddock, cream, and sometimes onions or greens.
This smoky, creamy, filling soup is very traditional to Scotland, believed to have originated in the coastal city of Cullen, and "skink" originates from the Gaelic word for "essence," so Cullen skink basically means "the essence of Cullen." To make Cullen skink at home, prepare the tougher ingredients like onions and potatoes first.
Brown the onions in butter, boil the potatoes until soft, and cook the smoked haddock in a pan of milk (or cream) until tender. When choosing your potatoes, avoid spuds that are overly firm and waxy since they don’t integrate into the soup well; use varieties like Maris Piper potatoes, which are creamy, fluffy, yet still hold together.
After cooking your haddock, make sure to remove all the bones. recommends adding chopped leek, bay leaf, and black pepper to the broth, and once the ingredients are finished cooking, stir together the cream, potatoes, haddock, and any veggies together until fully incorporated and sprinkle chives on top to serve.