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The Tuscan Flatbread That’s Sure To Up Your Appetizer Game
History of Schiacciata
Schiacciata, which translates to “flattened” or “smashed” is a less fluffy cousin of focaccia bread. It originated as peasant fare during the Middle Ages when it was used as a test bread to determine whether an oven was hot enough for other, more marketable loaves, but it eventually became popular in its own right.
Schiacciata vs. Focaccia
Although the two look similar, they’re not the same. Schiacciata is made with a forgiving dough that uses less water, and only requires one rising period after which the dough is smashed down. The dryer dough and smashing results in a bread that is flatter and crispier rather than fluffy and spongy like focaccia.
Schiacciata Toppings
Although the two breads are prepared differently, resulting in different textures, schiacciata and focaccia have comparable tastes and can be enjoyed similarly. Unlike focaccia, however, schiacciata has a unique recipe, schiacciata con l’uva, which incorporates grapes into the dough for a sweet and savory autumnal treat.