A stack of ginger with a piece cut in half resting on top
Save Yourself The Hassle And Don't Grate Fresh Ginger With A Fork
If you don't have a grater, you might be tempted to grate ginger with a fork, this technique will create much more effort and trouble than it's worth.
Aside from the tiring process, grating with a fork results in stringy, awkward chunks that won't disperse the ginger flavor evenly nor blend smoothly into sauces or sautees.
Instead of spending 10 minutes and countless hand cramps to shred a tablespoon of ginger with a fork, you're better off mincing ginger with a knife.
Mincing ginger is an effective and efficient way to break ginger down, and you have more control and precision on how small you want the dice.
However, you should consider purchasing a grater, as grated ginger assumes a pulp-like texture optimal for infusion into most dishes and will cost less than five dollars.