Canned tuna and various sauces
Sauces That Pair Perfectly With Tuna
Raw fish and soy sauce are a perfect match. That salty, sweet, slightly bitter, and umami element of soy sauce is ideal to go along with a raw tuna's mild, meaty flavor.
Soy sauce is an excellent canvas to doctor up a bit, enhancing your raw tuna in the most wonderful way. You can easily toss together a simple, tasty meal.
Creamy Yogurt
If you're eating canned tuna, consider scooping it out, frying it up, and serving it alongside a decadent and creamy sauce for a seriously good meal.
Yogurt sauce served on the side or drizzled over top helps to keep that fried fish from tasting too dry. It also helps balance what may be an otherwise fairly rich dish.
Dijon Vinaigrette
In its flaky, just-out-of-the-can form, tuna can come off a bit strong, so a Dijon vinaigrette is the ideal second fiddle to counteract that bold, "fishy" flavor.
Packed with zip and spice from Dijon mustard, richness from olive oil, and brightness from garlic, herbs, and lemon juice, this vinaigrette truly turns tuna into the main course.
The creamy, eggy, umami flavor in mayonnaise is the ideal sidekick to cut through an oily canned tuna. As a bonus, mayonnaise is also easy to whip up at home.
Grab a couple of eggs, dried mustard, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, vegetable oil, and a dash of sugar, and whisk until everything is fully combined. Then, enjoy it with tuna.
The salty, fishy, and savory flavors of fish sauce can bump up a simple canned fish with just the right umami oomph to make it a deli salad lunch worth craving over.
Combined with a tart, zippy mayonnaise, and a handful of freshly chopped herbs, a fish sauce-based sauce for tuna salad can take your tuna salad to an out-of-this-world level.