Basket of potato chips on a wooden serving platter
Salt And Vinegar Chips: The History And Science Behind Them
Ever since the Irish company Tayto first made salt and vinegar chips in the 1950s, the flavor has been making culinary waves all thanks to the unique science that made it possible.
The flavor first became popular in the U.K. thanks to the popular dish fish and chips, which paired tangy vinegar and savory salt over fish and fries.
Salt and vinegar eventually became so popular that multiple companies added the flavor to their product lines. By the 1970s, the flavor made its way to U.S. shelves.
Since plain vinegar would turn the chips into a soggy mess, companies had to get creative with dried vinegar alternatives like lactic, citric, sodium diacetate, or maltodextrin.
Depending on the vinegar powder used, the chips can be more or less acidic, and some companies add extra ingredients like lactose for added creaminess.