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Salisbury Steak Vs. Meatloaf: What's The Difference?
Salisbury steak and meatloaf are all-American comfort foods,and you may have fond memories of them as the main courses in classic TV dinners. While both of these dishes are made of ground meat, they have more differences than similarities, including the other ingredients used, cooking methods, and versatility.
“Muscle pulp of beef” was the first name for Salisbury steak, given by its creator Dr. James H. Salisbury; the meat patty originated as a protein-rich meal for Civil War soldiers. Meanwhile, meatloaf recipes began appearing in American cookbooks during the late 1800s, after German inventor Karl Dais invented the meat grinder.
Recipes for Salisbury steak generally call for 100% beef, but the USDA says that premade Salisbury steaks must contain at least 65% meat, and a quarter of that can be pork. Meatloaf frequently uses a blend of meats, plus other ingredients like grains and vegetables; its formula is more flexible and frugal.
Also, Salisbury steak is typically fried or broiled and topped with mushroom gravy, while meatloaf is baked and often sauced with ketchup. Meatloaf is also more versatile and customizable; there are entire cookbooks about ways to serve meatloaf, and you can even make vegan versions with nuts and mushrooms.