Biscuits on cooling tray
Roll Canned Biscuits In Cinnamon Sugar For The Ultimate Breakfast Pastry
If you want to put your canned biscuits to a different, sweeter use, roll them in cinnamon sugar for a sweet and savory bite-sized treat with a slight crunch.
Remove the dough from the can and roll it into whatever sizes and shapes you want. Dunk the pieces in melted butter and coat in cinnamon sugar before baking as usual.
Cinnamon sugar adds sparkle and creates a mildly crunchy coating. Use coarser sugars like turbinado for a crisper exterior or regular granulated for a more subtle bite.
Making your cinnamon sugar allows you to customize flavors with nutmeg or clove. Serve with syrup, apple sauce, jam, mascarpone, or a citrusy compound butter.