A pile of zucchini on a kitchen counter
Roasting Zucchini Will Take It To A New Tier
Roasting zucchini is one of the best methods for preserving the texture and elevating the flavor, helping it become a main course rather than a side or substitution.
Before roasting your zucchini, drain the excess moisture properly, as the extra water can turn the zucchini soggy and diminish flavor. Simply lay the slices out on a paper towel.
Set your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and cook the zucchini for around 30 minutes, keeping an eye on the veggies to make sure they don't burn.
The higher temperature and shorter cook time result in a richer, more flavorful brown on the zucchini, giving it a nice char and crispiness that takes the taste to a new level.