Roasted corn on grilling fork
Roasted Corn Makes For A Seriously Tasty Soup
BY Addison Paul
Roasted corn on the cob is a warm-weather favorite and a perfect side dish for big parties, but adding it to soup is a tasty and more adventurous way to enjoy it.
The process of roasting caramelizes the corn, bringing its natural sweetness forward to beautifully contrast with the smoky flavor of the charred kernels.
For the best results, grill corn on the cob for 10 to 15 minutes until the kernels start to brown, or leave it a little longer if you really love grilled flavors.
If you prefer oven roasting, cut the corn kernels off of the cob and spread them out on a baking sheet, then bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
Roasted corn adds texture and body to any soup, giving a juicy crunch to each bite. An immersion blender can also blend corn right into the soup for a creamy texture.