Homemade organic roasted green broccoli with salt and pepper
Roasted Broccoli Is The Tasty, Crunchy Update Your Sandwich Needs
If you're tired of lackluster vegetarian sandwiches, try using roasted broccoli. This ingredient brings a satisfying crunch and robust flavor that make for one satisfying sandwich.
When roasted in a hot oven, broccoli takes on a nutty and savory flavor with a hint of smoky char, and a distinct crisp crunch. It’s great on its own and between bread.
Try a sandwich that mimics broccoli cheddar soup. Add garlic salt, onion powder, sharp cheddar cheese, and onions to the roasted broccoli and turn it into a hot sandwich.
You could make a roasted broccoli slaw sandwich with mayo, honey, onions, bacon, raisins, and sunflower seeds. Even plain grilled cheese is more satisfying with roasted broccoli.