Roasted potatoes with oregano and herbs
Roast Potatoes With Lemon Slices For A Dazzling Side Dish
Potatoes are a blank canvas for a range of flavors. One of the best additions to roasted potatoes is a little bit of citrus in the form of sliced, juiced, or zested lemons.
Lemons bring a tangy flavor to roasted potatoes and offer a boost of flavor. The citrus flavor transforms even the most basic potato recipes into something far more complex.
To incorporate lemon into your roasted potatoes, it’s best to use the fresh stuff in lieu of anything pre-bottled. Start off by cutting your potatoes to your desired shape.
Some recipes suggest adding lemon to potatoes prior to roasting. Simply drizzle lemon juice directly over your potatoes, alongside salt, pepper, oregano, and olive oil.
Adding citrus may affect your potatoes’ crispiness, but you can avoid this by either scaling back on the lemon or adding it after your potatoes are done roasting.
If you opt to add lemon later on, let your potatoes roast in the oven for 30 minutes first before removing them, adding sliced lemons, and popping them back in.