Sliced green cabbage isolated on white
Roast Cabbage In A Bright Lemon Sauce To Make Complex Flavors
Roasting cabbage enriches its flavor and texture, giving it a tender consistency and deep savory flavor. As incredible as it can be, this dish is even better with lemon sauce.
Lemon sauce will bring a vibrant tanginess to brighten cabbage's earthy and savory flavors, while tempering the bitterness and peppery bite of the veggie.
Lemon juice, oil, butter, garlic, and seasonings like salt and pepper are enough to enrich roasted cabbage, but you can also add other ingredients, such as red pepper or sugar.
Using a blend of butter and oil to cook the cabbage can infuse it with extra flavor. Use an oil with a high smoke point that can withstand the oven's heat, like avocado oil.
You can either cook the cabbage in the lemon sauce or add the sauce after cooking. Simply pat the roast the cabbage dry and pour the sauce over while it’s still hot.
The cabbage will also benefit from a few garnishes. You could sprinkle on chopped fresh herbs to enhance the veggie's earthiness, some nuts for texture, and much more.