Tofu and sweet pepper skewers in a bowl next to sauce
Roast Better Meatless Skewers Through A Raised Rim Dish
Vegetarian foods like veggie burgers can be tricky when cooked on a grill, but skewers are a great option that are hard to mess up, especially if you use a rimmed baking dish.
A rimmed baking dish is perfect for grilling veggie skewers because the rim will slightly char the vegetables and proteins like tofu, making them more flavorful.
After stacking your skewers with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and whatever else, just line them up across the rim of the fish and place it on the grill as if the grill were an oven.
While it may sound strange, grilling with a dish is Food Network-approved and will create delicious, hearty veggie skewers that aren't overcooked and won't fall into the grill.