Hand mixing bowl of batter with whisk
Reverse Creaming Is The Key To A Superbly Authentic Philly Fluff Cake
Philly fluff cake is the ultimate rich and buttery dessert that's simple to make, but does require a special technique called reverse creaming. Here's what to know about this cake.
Originating in the ‘40s at Jewish bakeries in New York and New Jersey, the cake is named after its main ingredient: Philadelphia cream cheese. It's garnished with powdered sugar.
Reverse creaming is also known as the "paste method," and involves beating the fat used in the cake into the dry ingredients before adding the other liquid ingredients.
This method creates a batter that is thoroughly emulsified without the risk of over-mixing, making a finer, more tender crumb than your average cake.
A Philly fluff uses butter, cream cheese, and vegetable shortening as sources of fat. These all have different consistencies when cold, so you must bring them to room temperature.
Combine these three ingredients in a mixer, then slowly add the dry ingredients. Once the fat is coated in flour, increase the speed and continue to mix until a smooth paste forms.
Last, beat in the liquid ingredients like eggs and vanilla extract to make a cake batter that is thoroughly combined without being overmixed, which could make the cake tough.