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Revamp Your Shepherd's Pie With Instant Ramen
Traditional shepherd's pie is made with a filling of ground lamb, root vegetables, and Guinness, covered in mashed potatoes and baked in the oven. As with any classic casserole, there are many ways to revamp shepherd’s pie, and if you want to add a unique twist with almost zero extra money or effort spent, consider instant ramen.
The mashed potato topping on shepherd's pie can be hard to get right — if the potatoes are too moist, the excess liquid will drip into the filling and make it watery, and if the mash is too hot, the whole pie might sink. By using ramen as your starchy topping instead, you can avoid these issues and enjoy a more unique version of the dish.
To make shepherd's pie, or "ramepherd's pie," as Serious Eats calls it, boil a package of ramen without the seasoning packet, mix the packet into the meat filling, then top with the noodles and bake. The ramen will crisp up nicely, and can be even crunchier if you set your oven to broil, giving your shepherd’s pie a tasty textural twist.