Tuna casserole with pasta and crumbs
Rethink Tuna Casserole By Transforming It Into A Pot Pie
Classic tuna noodle casserole with canned tuna, condensed soup, and pasta can be transformed into a savory pie if you just replace the noodles with a buttery crust.
Modify your casserole by keeping the tuna, veggies, and sauce, then cover them with a layer of pie crust. You can add extra condensed soup if your filling mixture ends up dry.
Tuna pot pie can be customized in countless ways. Try adding extra veggies like greens and potatoes, use sour cream or yogurt instead of soup, or dress it up with herbs.
You can make your own crust or use a store-bought version to cover the creamy tuna filling. Either of these options produce a fantastic pie for a luxurious-tasting dinner.