Fresh honey dripping from dipper
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Repurpose Chile Seeds For Easy Homemade Hot Honey
Whether you want to try hot honey for the first time or are already in love with the condiment and can’t get enough of it, making some at home might be the best option for you.
While the traditional way to make homemade hot honey is to use fresh peppers, you can also repurpose the seeds scraped out of chiles that you used in other recipes.
To make homemade hot honey with pepper seeds, you need a bottle of honey and seeds from spicy peppers such as Fresno chiles, Thai chiles, habaneros, or jalapeños.
As for how many seeds to add, you can use the typical ratio for hot honey as a guide: one cup of honey to two teaspoons of red pepper flakes or chile seeds.
If the condiment turns out too spicy, simply add more honey until it's to your liking. If you don’t have enough seeds to get the heat you’d like, supplement them with hot sauce.