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Repurpose Canned Tuna Oil For An Umami-Packed Red Sauce
Canned tuna is full of protein and omega-3s, not to mention it's packed with rich and savory flavor, especially when packed in oil. Instead of tossing out the flavor-packed oil once you've used up the fish, try adding it to your red sauce for health benefits and an interesting depth of umami flavor that makes your pasta even better.
Tuna-infused olive oil is the key to bringing a salty, oceanic depth of flavor to a tomato sauce pasta dish, and it's all the better if you add the tuna itself as well. All you have to do is add the tuna and its oil to the pasta you've mixed the noodles with the sauce, then gently toss everything together to avoid breaking up the fish chunks too much.
Using the oil this way really helps you get every penny's worth out of oil-packed tuna, which is often more expensive than standard water-packed cans. Water-packed tuna is obviously much more watery than tuna canned in oil, so you'll have to alter your approach if you use water-packed in order to avoid a thin, diluted pasta sauce.