Halved grilled cheese sandwiches stacked on top of a wooden platter
Red Wine Offers Basic Grilled Cheese An Explosion Of Flavor
With a crispy exterior and gooey center, a basic grilled cheese is a classic for a reason, but for the experimental cook, an underrated twist is to add red wine.
This may sound strange, but wine and cheese have been a popular painting for centuries, with the bitter, acidic wine balancing the rich, creamy cheese.
A red wine grilled cheese simply turns the beloved combo into a sandwich. To try it, cook down red wine into a thick reduction, which you can use as either a spread or a dip.
Spread the reduction on the bread before making the sandwich, or dip the completed sandwich in it. You can also make red wine caramelized onions to layer with the cheese.
Cheddar pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon, while mozzarella works with light rosé, or pair Jack or American cheese with a Zinfandel. You can even use a cheese infused with wine.