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Red Vines Vs. Twizzlers: What's The Difference?
Red licorice is a classic candy, and the two leading commercial brands of this treat — Red Vines and Twizzlers — have been duking it out in a popularity contest since 1977, with vocal fans on either side of the brand supremacy debate. Here are the differences between these licorices that can help you decide which you might like better.
It’s important to note that “red licorice” isn’t really licorice; true licorice comes from licorice root, while red licorice is just red ropes of candy that are usually fruit-flavored. Red Vines and Twizzlers follow this model, but Red Vines originated in 1950, while Twizzlers hit the market in the 1970's, and the two candies also have different flavors.
The American Licorice Company first released Red Vines with a raspberry flavor, and the product still has this flavor today, while Twizzlers are commonly strawberry-flavored. Another difference is that Red Vines are tubular and hollow, while Twizzlers are more thin, dense, and solid, though they also have a bit of open space in the center.
Twizzlers’ 13-item ingredient list is also more than double that of Red Vines, and the corn syrup in Twizzlers gives them a more gelatinous texture; many candy lovers know the sensation of scraping bits of this licorice off their teeth. Meanwhile, Red Vines, made with only five ingredients, can be described as more waxy, chewy, and melty.