Anthony Bourdain leaning over a counter
Recall Anthony Bourdain’s Grandma Rule When Eating Abroad
Late chef Anthony Bourdain gave us a lifetime of knowledge and culinary curiosity. He was open to new cuisine wherever he was and followed what he called the “Grandma rule.”
In his book "Medium Raw,” Bourdain explains the Grandma rule with the example of not liking your grandma’s Thanksgiving turkey, but still eating it and saying you love it anyway.
Being willing to eat whatever is served to you seems like a polite rule to follow. However, there are times this rule needs to be thought out, especially in China.
The Matador Network shares that if you fully clean your plate in China, let alone ask for seconds, your host may take it as an implication that they didn't serve you enough.
Outside of cultures where leaving a bit of food is expected, the Grandma rule is one to keep in mind. It’s still a good idea to do your own research about cuisine before traveling.