Two whole hard boiled eggs and two pieces of quartered hard boiled eggs on wooden surface
Reach For The Salt To Stop Hard Boiled Eggs From Leaking
When making hard boiled eggs, you may have experienced cracking and leaking when the egg shells break. To mitigate this annoying habit, try adding a bit of salt into the pot.
Egg shells crack when the eggs are heated too rapidly. The pocket of air at the egg’s base expands during cooking, and when a cold egg is dropped in boiling water, it will burst.
However, if salt is added to the pot, the escaping egg white will quickly harden and will seal up the fracture, allowing the egg to continue boiling as if nothing happened.
While the heat of the boiling water will eventually solidify the egg whites, salt helps to firm up the eggs far earlier in the process, helping you out in the event of a leak.
The amount of salt you add to the water depends on how many eggs you're planning on cooking. A teaspoon of salt for every 8 cups of water should work perfectly.