A variety of whiskey chocolate bars on a tray with a glass of whiskey
Ranking Whiskey Chocolate Bars From Worst To Best
7. Goldkenn Honey
This bar is made with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey syrup and Goldkenn milk chocolate. While both are good on their own, this bar is much too sweet.
6. Goldkenn Fire
This bar of Swiss milk chocolate infused with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire is also overly sweet. However, the bar does offer a unique cinnamon flavor.
5. Raaka
Raaka's Bourbon Cask-Aged Unroasted Dark Chocolate offers a blend of bitter cacao and sweet cherry notes. It’s not a bad bar at all, but it’s for a very specific customer.
4. Fruition
Fruition Chocolate Works Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk has a nice, creamy texture and mildly sweet flavor, but lacks an immediate whiskey flavor.
3. Dick Taylor
The Dick Taylor Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70% Dark Chocolate bar has a complex flavor with an oaky taste. Unfortunately, this bar is a limited-edition release.