Tomahawk steak on a cutting board with asparagus, salt, pepper, and bread
Ranking US Steakhouse Chains From Worst To Best
13. Logan's
Logan's Roadhouse has roughly 100 locations and a menu that ranges from classic offerings like onion rings and wings, but don't expect any gourmet meals.
As far as service and atmosphere, it's run-of-the-mill and may be hit or miss depending on which location you visit. Online reviews vary widely.
12. Texas Roadhouse
With more than 550 U.S. locations, Texas Roadhouse serves its communities with family-friendly establishments while actively supporting local areas.
Customers seem split about food quality, portion size, and getting less than adequate service, but other patrons were thrilled with their experience.
11. LongHorn
LongHorn Steakhouse's menu features a variety of beef cuts, surf and turf combos, appetizers, sides, salads, dessert, and other meaty options such as baby back ribs.
Despite always using fresh steaks, customers have given LongHorn mixed reviews. Some call out allegedly cold, under- or over-cooked food, while others have positive experiences.
10. Hoss's
Hoss's Family Steak & Sea has about 30 locations in Pennsylvania. Beyond the many steak and seafood plates, they offer a soup, salad, and dessert bar.
This restaurant delivers seemingly average food fare, earning a spot lower on our steakhouse list. Like a lot of chains, your experience may be determined by the specific location.
9. Outback Steakhouse
With roughly 675 locations across the country, Outback Steakhouse caters to those who enjoy down-to-earth ingredients in a down-under style.
Despite a solid delivery in food and service, Outback fell short of a higher ranking due to an apparent inconsistency across locations.