A variety of Trader Joe’s pickle products
Ranking Trader Joe's Pickle Products
10. Cornichons
Trader Joe's cornichons have a slightly artificial smell and an extremely sweet, almost candy-like taste. Fans of cornichons might want to avoid these.
9. Kosher Sandwich
The organic kosher sandwich pickles are a good length and have the right thickness for a balanced bite, but have a dull, watery, oddly tart flavor.
8. Sweet Relish
This Trader Joe's relish is far too sweet. Relish is supposed to be slightly sweet, so it isn't entirely out of place, but it is still overly too sweet.
7. B&B Pickle Chips
Trader Joe's organic sweet bread and butter pickle chips aren't as bad as some others, but they taste musty and old, like the jar was sitting too long.
6. Kosher Dill
The kosher dill pickles are pretty bland and lifeless, but at least they don't have any major issues apart from a lack of flavor.