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Ranking the Best Philly Cheesesteaks From Worst To First
Geno’s Steaks
Geno’s Steaks is a popular destination to tourists due to its 24 hour service and many years of running business. Unfortunately, their cheesesteaks themselves contain poor quality in cheeses, unfortunate sliced steak cuts and overall wet texture.
This Philadelphia eatery thrives on having one of the larger varieties of cheesesteaks to try, but falls short with the cheese being barely identifiable at the bottom of the bun and a thicker style baguette bun interferes with a good steak to bread ratio.
Sonny’s Famous Steaks
Located on Market street in the historic Old City Philadelphia, Sonny’s holds its own with a variety of ingredients to incorporate. However, they seem to struggle to find a balance with the meat, fried onions, and sweet peppers in their cheesesteak.
Pat’s King Of Steaks
Open since 1930, Pat’s claims to be the “originators of the steak sandwich,” which comes out nicely packed and satisfying. Unfortunately, they’re nothing spectacular with their average meat and simple seasoning.
Cosmi’s Deli
Located in South Philly, cheesesteaks are only a fraction of this Deli’s wide menu. Their hard work is evident in the sandwich, which was a great balance of steak, fried onions, and cheese whiz that was just the right amount of salty.