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Ranking The 20 Best Vermont Craft Beers
20. Copper Ale by Otter Creek Brewing
Copper Ale was one of the most popular groundbreaking malty beers of the 1990s. It still provides a nutty aroma and malt-forward taste, with a slice of American craft beer history.
19. Double Bag by Long Trail Brewing Company
Double Bag was also a massive hit in the 90s and is a stronger variation of the style called "sticke," with robust bread and caramel flavors backed by a high alcohol content.
18. Cloud Drop DIPA by Upper Pass Beer Company
Cloud Drop DIPA uses a combination of six different hops for robust juiciness and a note of dank resin, along with flavors of candied orange zest and a bit of hoppy spice.
17. La Noche Oscura del Alma by Four Quarters Brewing
Made by aging an imperial stout in apple brandy barrels with added cacao nibs, chipotle peppers, and cherries, this beer is a rich and spicy stout with subtle fruity notes.
16. Madonna by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
Madonna is a light-bodied IPA that allows the hops' flavor to shine. They deliver all of the classic New England IPA notes of pineapple, honeydew melon, and grapefruit.