Young american man enjoying a traditional craft beer in a brew pub.
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Ranking The 17 Best Michigan Craft Beers
17. Wizard Burial Ground by Brewery Vivant
For fans of Belgian beer, this Quad beer is well worth sampling. For those who like their brews strong, this is one of the most alcoholic beers on this list with a 14.3% ABV.
16. Cinna-Mom on French Toast by Pigeon Hill Brewing Company
This Russian Imperial Stout comes with a 10% ABV. Unlike more complicated imperial stouts, this brew leans heavily into a strong cinnamon flavor with a hint of vanilla.
15. Imperial Soft Parade by Short's Brewing Company
This fruit-infused rye ale with a 7.5% ABV is neither sour nor lambic, but still takes full advantage of raspberries and strawberries for a fittingly soft and fruity flavor.
14. Lay This Body Down by Wax Wings Brewing Company
This is a bourbon barrel-aged stout with 11% ABV, hailing from a low-key operation with limited distribution. Order in advance, or it will be sold out when you show up in person.
13. Hipster Brunch Stout by Odd Side Ales
Aged in bourbon barrels with maple, coffee, bacon, and syrup, Hipster Brunch Stout is indeed brunchy with a robust 11% ABV. It also comes in Double Oaked and Molasses Rum editions.