Chinese dumpling in chopsticks over a white bowl of soy sauce
Ranking The 15 Most Popular Chinese Restaurants In Las Vegas
15. Mr Chow
Mr Chow has an artistic and romantic environment ideal for special occasions. The menu offers familiar dishes and inspired items, like the crispy turnip puff.
Their signature dishes include green prawns and Beijing duck. Despite being a great restaurant, it's not much of a go-to spot, earning it the last-place spot.
14. Wazuzu
In addition to authentic Chinese dishes like fried rice and noodles, Wazuzu’s menu features a collection of Thai and Japanese cuisine. There’s even a vegan menu.
Wazuzu is another extremely solid choice, but because of its less convenient Strip location and the fact that it doesn't exclusively serve Chinese cuisine, it’s lower than others.
13. Hakkasan
Hakkasan fuses modern Cantonese cuisine with a sultry vibe. With its signature plates, tasting menus, and a la carte options, you'll find amazing culinary creations.
Hakkasan deserves a spot on this list given its beautiful decor and gourmet fare, but it's not the kind of place anyone would visit regularly, so it ranks near the bottom.
12. Mott 32
Featuring a mix of regional Chinese cuisines in a luxurious setting, Mott 32 provides a great experience. The only problem is the signature dishes need advance ordering.
11. Chinglish
Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar gives you a taste of the Strip's luxury without visiting. It features an upscale dining room and is family-owned and operated.
The only thing keeping this restaurant out of the top 10 is that some of the higher-ranked establishments have a slightly more authentic vibe, but it’s still incredible.