Pyramid of Halo Top ice cream cartons
Ranking Popular Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors From Worst To Best
10. Caramel Butter Pecan
As part of the Keto Series, this flavor has fewer carbs and sugars which negatively impacts the texture, making it crumbly and chalky rather than creamy.
This taste, combined with a less-than-pleasant texture, puts this flavor in last place. It's also alarming that the pint's contents never seem to soften or melt.
9. Peanut Butter Cup
Despite the name, the Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup ice cream doesn’t actually contain any peanut butter chocolate candies.
Rather it’s peanut-butter-flavored ice cream without even swirls of real peanut butter to break up the ice cream and add a little textural or flavor intrigue.
8. Mint Chip
Love or hate mint chip ice cream, you’ll want to stay away from the Halo Top version, as it has little to no taste of mint.
The ice cream is pale white with a minimal flavor to match, leaving this ice cream a bit lackluster despite the fluffy texture and crunchy mini chocolate chips.
7. Vanilla Bean
Vanilla doesn’t have to mean boring, and while the Halo Top vanilla bean ice cream isn’t awful, it’s not one we’re likely to recommend.
Despite being charmingly sweet, the beans can get stuck in your teeth after every spoonful. It has a soft-serve feel that becomes gummy and disappointing in the freezer.
6. Sea Salt Caramel
This flavor is soft, delicate, and full of pockets of luxurious caramel. It delivers a richness reminiscent of butterscotch that permeates the entire serving.
However, the salt flavor is missing, so the savory part of the equation is unfulfilled. You can always add a sprinkle, but we prefer that Halo change the recipe.