Various Cava menu options on a table
Ranking Popular Cava Menu Items From Worst To Best
10. Chicken RightRice Bowl
This bowl is decent, but it’s the same as the Greek salad except for half of the greens being replaced with RightRice, which just doesn’t seem necessary.
9. Tahini Caesar Bowl
This bowl tastes pretty boring compared to some other options. While the tahini has a nice, nutty hint of sesame, it doesn't go well with the Caesar dressing.
8. Greek Salad Bowl
Cava makes a mean Greek salad with chicken that hits every mark. However, since it doesn't incorporate any pizzazz, it can't rank above more flavorful options.
7. Greek Chicken Pita
This is essentially the Greek Salad stuffed into a pita wrap. The wrap also includes pickles, which can make or break it depending on your preferences.
6. Spicy Chicken Avocado Pita
This pita doesn't skimp on taste, texture, or quality. The one blip is the slightly spotty avocado, but it’s difficult to choose a perfect one.